Tibor Harangozo was a male Yugoslav international table tennis player.


World Table Tennis Championships 1939

Tibor Harangozo /1922 – 1978/, a world class table tennis player, coach, author, founder of world renown table tennis company TIBHAR (TIBor HARangozo)

Tibor Harangozo

The Legend

I am sorry that new generations know Tibor Harangozo only as the founder of TIBHAR. He was also a great player but at the wrong time (2nd World War), a great coach (as seen with Linda Wertl), and contributed a lot to the development of table tennis technique, practice, and equipment, and a school where many top coaches came from.
Tibor Harangozo will not soon be forgotten. Truly a pioneer of his time, he brought about great change and improvement to how table tennis was taught and performed. His legacy continues to this day with his company Tibhar, which produces top level table tennis equipment used by professionals even now. He was truly a table tennis visionary.

Article by: Prof. Radivoj Hudetz

Prof. Radivoj Hudetz